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Bible Study  -  Be Free, a new Bible study created for First Place 4 Health, will teach you that freedom is neither perfection nor permission. The trouble isn’t in the systems; it’s our pursuit of perfection within them. Perhaps you’ve followed a plan and lost weight, but the minute you’re not perfect with food you return to old habits and start gaining weight. Perfection bears down on our will and offers us only two choices: eat perfectly, or live like a failure with little self-control. Freedom offers so much more than the chains of perfection. Join us as we lock arms and travel this freedom terrain together. When we’re through, we’ll boldly be able to state, “I know the truth, and the truth can set me free.”

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What’s unique about this ministry?

Christ-centered priorities: Bible study, prayer and Scripture memory.
Choices for health: Addressing the whole person — emotions, mind, body and spirit.
Community: Support and accountability through small groups.

These studies address many issues of everyday life and provide opportunities for growth in Christ. Members complete a weekly Bible study which—combined with prayer and Scripture reading—helps to impart God's strength, empowering members to overcome temptation and make long-lasting lifestyle changes. The program addresses the whole person - emotions, mind, body and spirit. These categories make up the 4-Sided Person and members are asked to prayerfully consider and follow when joining a class. The 4-Sided Person includes the 9 commitments from the original First Place Program: • Attendance • Encouragement • Prayer • Bible Reading • Scripture Memory • Bible Study • "Live-It" Plan (My Plate)• Tracker • Exercise •.

SOUL:  Quiet Time

Praying at the same time each day will help you keep Christ first place in your life. Members are encouraged to use a prayer journal daily.

The first three weeks of each session will be spent setting goals, getting acquainted, and learning in detail the “Live-It Food Plan” and behavior modifications. Your Bible Study will begin after your second meeting. The Bible Study is not meant to be an intense study. Deeper Bible study in your Sunday School.

Regular Bible reading and prayer are parts of the life of an obedient Christian and are absolutely essential for spiritual growth. As you study and pray, you will lay the foundation for your spiritual fitness plan. A planned systematic study usually is the best way to read and study the Bible. The purpose is to keep you in God’s Word daily that He may speak to your heart and that the Holy Spirit can teach you truths as you are making yourself available to learn.

MIND:  Develop a new way of thinking

The memory verse harmonizes with the Bible lesson. “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” (Psalms 119:11). You will repeat (or hand in written: 5x’s) the verse when you weigh in each week.

The Live It Tracker will help make you aware of what you eat each day. You will become more aware of why you overeat. You will see patterns of behavior. Your own feelings and thoughts can contribute to your eating habits. At your first meeting your leader will explain in detail how to fill out this form. This tool is more than just a food journal. It tracks your entire program and is a daily check list members use throughout the day to see what they have done and what still needs to be completed. The results are sent to your leader once a week for accountability and support.

HEART:  Experience Community

Faithful attendance to your weekly class meeting is essential. When you commit to follow the program, you commit yourself to regular attendance and punctuality. If it is impossible to attend, call your leader. Commit to stay for the entire meeting.

Contact one or more members in your group each week by: mail, phone, email etc. On your roster start with the person following your name and when you get to the bottom of the list start at the top until the end of the session. Do not contact the same person every week.

STRENGTH: Present my body as a living sacrifice

The 2008 “Live-it” food plan adopted the USDA 2005 MyPyramid.gov as the foundation. The 2001 “Live-it” version uses the ADA Food Exchange List. Both food plans are a balanced food plan and a healthy way to lose and maintain a healthy body weight. A well-balanced meal includes foods from each group. Sugar, Salt, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and diet soft drinks should be used only in moderation while achieving your proper weight. It is important to drink the minimum of 8 8-ounce cups of water every day. Being active 30 minutes most days is also recommended.

First Corinthians 3:16 tells us, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and God’s Spirit lives in you?” You are God’s dwelling place; your body is His home. What kind of shape is God’s house in? We recommend that you join an organized exercise class, aerobic exercise, or dance class. You also may jog, walk briskly (work up to three miles daily), or bicycle several miles daily. This type of aerobic exercise will cause you to lose body fat in all areas. Floor exercises will only tone the muscle you are using. It will not get the fat out of the muscle. This can be accomplished only by aerobic exercise on a regular schedule. In order to maintain fitness you must exercise three times a week. If you need to “get fit” you must exercise four to five times a week.

Our members choose to purchase the materials and use in our Wellness Ministry

“First Place @ West Side” Groups at West Side Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ohio.

First Place changed their name to First Place 4 Health in 2008. The materials we use are published by Gospel Light.

As of 2014 materials we use are published by FP4H. Houston, TX.

Adult Discipleship Class
First Place 4 Health Bible Study


Our support group began January 2007. Our groups offer in class and online support. For more information go to www.WestSideBaptistChurch.info .

 First Place 4 Health program, 12 weeks of daily lessons in the Word, along with a leader's discussion guide, menu plans with recipes, prayer partner forms, Trackers, Scripture memory CD and cards and other helps prepare members for the weekly meeting and encourage balance in all 4 areas of life: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Each session we challenge our members to collect items per pound lost to give to the New Life Mission.